Monday, September 26, 2011

"A Catholic Call to Abolish the Death Penalty"

Thanks to Gerald J. Beyer, Alexander Mikulich, Emily Reimer-Barry and Tobias Winright, for their work in writing the text of "A Catholic Call to Abolish the Death Penalty," which I have signed. 
"... Therefore, in concert with our recent popes and bishops, we oppose the death penalty, whether a person on death row is guilty or innocent, on both theological and practical grounds. While we especially deplore and lament the killing of Troy Davis, we also decry the death sentences of the more than 3,200 inmates on death row and the 1,268 executions since the death penalty was reinstated by the Supreme Court in 1976. We urge our nation to abolish capital punishment, and we also implore our churches to work unwaveringly to end it as well as all other threats to human life and dignity."