Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today's Reading Archive

Sunday, May 9th:Bart Stupak, in Time, writes about "Health Care Hell," in which the USCCB just says no. And a NYTimes story about Catholics struggling to go on, and Rev. Robert Bowers, the priest who listens to them.

Saturday, May 8th:"Death and the Dishwasher" -- Leon Wieseltier, in The New Republic, reviews Making Toast: a Family Story, Roger Rosenblatt's short memoir about coping after an unexpected death.
Wednesday, May 5th:  A Catholic thing? Reiham Salam, New America Foundation, "The Future of Facebook."

Tuesday, May 4th:
Michelle Goldberg, The American Prospect, "What the Pill Gave Birth To." Stanley Fish, New York Times blog, "When is a Cross a Cross?"
Saturday, May 1st:Catherine Pepinster, The Tablet (U.K.), "Pragmatists and Fools."

Friday, April 30th:Julia Turner, at
Slate, on the value of hand-drawn maps [aldaily]. Rachel Donadio, NYTimes, "In Abuse Crisis, a Church is Pitted Against Society and Itself."Tuesday, April 13th:Part 2/2: Jason Berry, National Catholic Reporter, "How Fr. Maciel Built His Empire."

Monday, April 12th:
Read this. Ross Douthat, NYTimes columnist, "The Better Pope."

Sat-Sun, April 10-11th:
Weekend reading: I was very discouraged to see how Bart Stupak was treated, in the wake of his work on health care (full disclosure -- my father hailed from "the U.P."). David Gibson, in Politics Daily, comments: "Bart Stupak's Departure: The End of Pro-Life Democrats?"

Also, an interesting take on Flannery O'Connor has appeared in Commentary (h/t: aldaily): Terry Teachout, "Believing in Flannery O'Connor."
Thursday, April 8th:Tell me it's not about the money. Please. Jason Berry, National Catholic Reporter, "Money Paved the Way for Maciel's Influence in the Vatican," Pt. 1/2. TMatt comments.
Wednesday, April 7th:
Nina Totenberg, NPR, "Supreme Court May Soon Lack Protestant Justices." Yeah, I think it's an issue [h/t].