Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog evolution

Careful readers will note a few changes to the ever-evolving blog.  I figured out how to use the jump mode -- ok, I figured out which icon to click -- for quicker home page scanning, and so I won't be worried about having lenghthy essays on the home page.  I also have discontinued the "Today's Reading" sidebar, and will simply list these in a daily post, as I often want to comment a bit on why a reading seems worth your while.

So, change happens.  After the jump, I list recent entries from the (discontinued) Today's Reading archive...

Friday, September 25th: R.R. Reno blogs at First Things: "The Agony of Mainline Protestantism." You may not agree with Reno on this issue (I don't), but the analysis, and comments, may be useful for a very different issue, hmmm...On the other hand, if your mood today runs more to the inspiring and visual, check out Maira Kalman's latest (NYTimes),"For Goodness' Sake."

Thursday, September 24th: Slate's William Saletan,"Then They Came for the Fresca."

Wednesday, September 23rd: From the Catholics in Alliance blog, Just Words, "A Choice for Catholic Bishops: Confrontation or Engagement?"by John Gehring. David Gibson's latest is relevant here, as he notes that Archbishop Burke is publicly saying that the "Church Erred in Holding Kennedy Funeral."

Tuesday, September 22nd: For her book club, Oprah has chosen Uwem Akpan, S.J.'s short storycollection, Say You're One of Them. Here, from The New Yorker (2006), is a (harrowing) story from thatcollection, "My Parent's Bedroom." For a gentler take, try Akpan's essay, "Communion," also in The New Yorker.

Monday, September 21st: From The Chronicle Review: "The Rural Brain Drain," by Patrick J. Carr and Maria J. Kefalas.