Thursday, November 6, 2008

On the Rahm Emanuel pick

Obama couldn't be the first black president, Clinton already has that title, yes? So I guess he'll have to be the first fascist.

Which I say in the most loving way. I just want to note that, with Rahm as chief of staff, the testosterone level in that White House will be high. The trains will be very inclusive, but dammit, they'll sure run on time.

Which is fine with me. I had to leave Women's Studies not because the meetings always started and ended late, which they did, but because they also had no identifiable beginnings or know, we all just sort of sat there waving our hands at each other...

(Kinda weird to recall that bit about Clinton, think of the mindset -- I guess we were all pretty sure that there would never be a real black president anytime soon ... the seismic shift of it all will take some time to sink in. Meanwhile, Obama's down to brass tacks and just hoping the rest of us will catch up, preferably sooner.)