Thursday, October 2, 2008


Expectations low all around here. One commentator just said that if Palin doesn't run weeping off the stage, she wins. The hope against hope for Biden is that he doesn't say something completely goofy. My idealist-meter is set on low simmer...

UPDATE...Boy, these two know how to walk onto a stage. And they get right down to it. Ifill sets a good tone, very business-like, very clear.

But how can we call this a debate? These two are hardly on the same stage. I expected that Palin would come out with something more, but it's still the same chipper talk and generalities.

She sure is a can-do girl. It doesn't matter what she's asked, she'll speak in generalities. The only substantive answers I'm hearing is when she talked about her basic worldview -- and on energy.

Biden is more substantive, but it's hard to get a sense of what might be slipping through the cracks when there's no response.

UPDATE...So, no one supports re-defining marriage. Both are in favor of full civil rights for gays and lesbians. I suspect that this could have been pushed further, Ifill moves on.

UPDATE...Here's an interesting direction -- Ifill asks Biden about general interventionism. He is arguing about what, concretely, should be US leadership, now with regard to Darfur.

Waiting for Palin to answer the question. Lots of static, am looking for some sense of her position on who we are abroad. She is agreeing, in general, about Darfur, but I'm looking for the framework.

On the gender front, I really think that Biden should engage more directly with Palin. I understand why he just smiles when she -- also smiling -- takes another shot at him. 

But WE deserve better.

UPDATE...Ifill is the big winner, her questions are very pointed.

Now she's asked about personal limitations. Palin doesn't see any, I guess. This is just annoying.

On the other hand, Biden doesn't pick it up either. 

But now, wow, he really nails the gender question -- she says she's a mom, and he says with some genuine emotion, that he knows what it's like to be a single parent. 

To see her respond to that by repeating talking points is very disturbing.

Now Biden is mad -- he's not taking the maverick talk anymore. This is better, Biden begins to engage.

UPDATE...Hmmm, a principle here from Biden "don't question their motive." -- as a principle for bi-partisanship.

Palin uses the question about partisanship to attack Biden.

Closing statements. Palin is still in feisty mode, speaks clearly to the camera, same talking points. Biden is more sober, lays out challenges, ends with asking God to protect the troops, for their kids.

Bottom line: Story line unchanged. This is bad for Palin.

BUT your intrepid blogger is SO WRONG. Not a word -- did I miss something? Not a word about religion, role of it in the public, etc. And these are the ones who would have something interesting to say, McCain-Obama on religion would be less interesting.