Monday, August 27, 2012

Isaac's Gift to Romney

"Isaac and Mitt" -- sounds like a new buddy sitcom...

Media critic here.  Democrats should hold it on the schadenfreude, Isaac may well be a boon for Republicans.

What do you do during big weather events?  Keep the TV on, on CNN or MSNBC (now called something else) or that other channel.  (Ok, if your TV is always on already, set to catch Toddlers in Tiaras, I'm not talking to you.)

The convention alone is not enough to keep viewers, the speeches bore even this political junkie, thus the skimpy hour allotted to it by the networks.  But if cable is giving wall-to-wall coverage to Large Weather Event starring Anderson Cooper and lots of wind, those eyeballs will be there when they cut to Todd at the convention for variety. 

Plus, if they play it reasonably, the Republicans will get Romney and Ryan and Christie and Rubio talking on your screen about big solutions, intercut with scenarios of big problems.  It's ok, for them, that you're not listening to much detail -- it's a visual set-up that can be used to their advantage. 

Obama and the Mrs. should think about getting to the Gulf coast now, in shirt sleeves.