Friday, July 17, 2009

Lo, how a rose...

Michael Paulson at the Boston Globe (Articles of Faith) doesn't know it, but we're having a gardening competition.

When we moved into our current house, in 2001, there were roses in the front yard. My home-and-garden skills are few, and the roses did not survive. I planted others, neglected them, and got the same result. (Not to worry, we do feed the children.)

I felt bad about this. No, I do not think the Blessed Virgin has a "favorite flower." But the previous occupants of our house were Catholic, and I suspect that there may have been a devotional element to the carefully tended plot.

I had seen something on the "John Paul II rose" variety, and had considered trying to grow roses again, but the idea was sidetracked. In early June, surfing the web to distract myself from the project I was working on, I read Mr. Paulson's blog report that he had won two "John Paul II" rose bushes at a media convention auction. I told myself that if I got the project done, I'd order some for myself as a reward.

I got three and potted them up in containers. His rose has bloomed, beautifully ... check it out HERE.

But I have three buds. Stay tuned!