Saturday, November 1, 2008

Standing in line to vote...for hours...

This is just plain amazing, I'm watching the TV, I'm sure you are too, and here we have folks standing in line for hours to vote early.

Standing in line for hours. Rachel Maddow last night said something about the visuals looking like a 'Jimmy Carter international election commission' situation. It does.

(Ok, so we do have to fix the whole voting process thing, if we're actually going to get real participation. We don't have early voting in Connecticut, so I'm looking at these pictures and thinking I need to rethink the Tuesday schedule. I'm a generally blue-state voter in a blue state so does it matter? You betcha it does -- this is the vote of a lifetime, I'm going on record with this one even if it takes all day, so clear the calendar.)

Back to the visuals....and, with apologies to all of you actually standing in line, it is simply inspiring to see so many people stepping up. And, think about it, these images are going all over the world.

It gives me this stupid hopeful feeling. That we could change. Or at least that we're really ready to think aloud about how we'll go forward, together.